✨Why Chinese and Why Now for Chinese Youth Overseas?

Golden Period

  • Learn Chinese at its most effective age which
  • will be difficult to redress once missed.

Cultural Heritage

  • Impart Chinese cultural understanding through
  • Chinese learning to stay rooted.

Mind Training

  • Cultivate Chinese thinking and articulation
  • to fully utilize the power of language.

Future Ready

  • Stay relevant with Chinese ability
  • as China is a rising power.

Examination Preparation

  • Build Chinese foundation well to be ready
  • for Chinese Language Proficiency Test.

Competitive Edge

  • Have the competitive edge in a globalized
  • context with exceptional Chinese ability.

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Hard to find reliable teachers

Not qualified and not experienced

teachers makes Chinese

learning uninviting

Mismatched course content

Students find it hard to digest and lose interest with reproduced lesson from Chinese textbook meant for natives.

Lack of structures

Students lack opportunities to practice spoken Chinese and the course lacks in consolidation results in shaky foundation as 25 minutes per lesson is too short.

Complicated with hidden cost

  • Varied lesson packages cost ten over thousands with too many hours which is hard to get refund when unsatisfied makes the experience frightening.

HanTok Safeguards Chinese Learning with Multiple Assurance

Empower Future with Chinese ,Stimulate Potential with Chinese

Language Knowledge

  • Chinese pinyin and syllable spelling;
  • Pronunciation skill and intonation;
  • Awareness in reading

Practical Skills

  • Improve Chinese listening and
  • speaking skill; Daily communication
  • skill; Oral expression and
  • comprehension

Core Literacy

  • Understand Chinese culture and
  • historical allusions ;Popularize
  • Chinese civilization Culture heritage

Thinking Consciousness

  • Cultivate Chinese thinking;
  • Build strong Chinese foundation;
  • Systematic knowledge framework

HanTok R&D by Educational Experts ;Tailored for Chinese Youth Abroad

Customized course based on overseas youth’s learning characteristics with personalized study plans

-Main Course-

Kids Foundation Course

Centred around interest building to introduce Chinese.Fundamental understanding from phonic to vocabulary building and strokes to words mastery.

Youth Comprehensive Course

standardized according to the Chinese curriculum in international schools.Comprehensive and systematic learning warrants overall improvement in both knowledge and skills.

HSK Preparation Course

Based on HSK framework which satisfies the Chinese Proficiency Test criteria.Prepares students who inspire to study in China for tertiary education.

-Supplementary Course-

Supplementary Course

Chinese Character Course – focus on “Chinese Character Mindset”, tap on kids’ cognitive development in visualization and make learning fun

Chinese Phonic Course

Chinese alphabets, syllables reading,

pronunciation techniques and intonation.

Chinese Reading Course

Expand vocabulary, nurture interest in reading

and sharpen writing skill and verbalization

Progressive Learning with Targeted Language Ability at Every Level

Specific levels in each course to better cater to students’ learning needs


Outstanding Native Teachers Readily Available; Double Assurance on Professionalism and Experience

Stringent Selection + Compulsory Training + Excellence Driven Professional + Qualified + Experienced Certified and Guaranteed

100% Outstanding Native Teachers Specialized in Teaching Chinese as Second Language

Employing only native teachers who major in Chinese and Literature or International Chinese Education with at least 3 years of international teaching experience with teenagers.

70% Master Holders

Highly qualified with strong subject knowledge and profound cultural literacy. Students not only get to learn Chinese but also be able to broaden horizons and knowledge.

3% Interview Passing Rate

A panel is set up to oversee the selection of teachers. All are certified and be trained regularly to be updated with current education landscape. Elimination process is put in place through appraisal and students’ review.

Various Teaching Styles

Fun and Humorous / Gentle and Patient / Valedictorian from Top University / Passionate and Energetic / Elegant and Classic. Choose what suits you best, we have it all!

More Than Just Your Average Teachers

Master of Chinese Language Education from Beijing Language University with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She once taught intermediate and advanced Chinese in Harvard. She excels in scenario-based teaching which arouses students’ interests in learning Chinese.

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 5 years of Online and Offline teaching experience. She is patient and meticulous who used to teach Chinese in University.

Graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, the most prestigious institution specializing in Chinese as a foreign language. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, he excels in creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.

Attained a Master from National University of Singapore. With 10 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, she once worked in the Ministry of Education overseas and has been deeply involved in the field of Chinese education for overseas Chinese for many years.

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She is good at motivating students with lively classroom teaching style. Her specialty is in teaching Chinese characters.

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 3 years of teaching experience including overseas teaching stint. She is well loved by the students with lively classroom atmosphere. Her deep understanding of children's learning psychology and developmental characteristics enable her to teach effectively.

Comprehensive Service and Guarantee Learn Chinese with Peace of Mind

Personalized Study Advisor (SA) Close monitoring of students’ progress

  • Personalized study plan
  • Friendly reminders
  • Resolve learning obstacles
  • Periodical summative review
  • Peace of mind for parents

Free recalling of lesson recordings and gives parents a peace of mind

  • Students can deepen their understanding through the replay of lesson recording and make revision more effective. Parents can monitor students’ lesson performance and learning efficiency through the replay of lesson recording

Bring out the leader in your child and invite friends for free lessons

  • Develop youth’s leadership and cast positive influence on their peers through Chinese learning. HanTok’s unique “learn with a friend” strategy enables youth to learn Chinese together.

100% Refundable Policy

  • If you are not satisfied with the lesson, you may change a teacher and try a new lessonz. If you are not happy with the progress or having schedule conflicts, ask for refund within the validity period.

A Trusted Choice by Many   A Visible Quality through Growth

15 years

Acquired Professional Teaching

20K +

Parents/Students’ Choice



Countries and Regions Covered

847 +

Mainstream Media Reporting

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