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HanTok is a professional training organization which provides one stop service in online Chinese education to youth aged 5-18 who lives abroad. Its main creative team has been deeply involved in the education industry for 15 years. HanTok is definitely the preferred choice of many overseas families who aim to gift their child a top-notch education experience with specialized R&D professionals, team of master teachers and comprehensive course system.

A stringent selection process for our teaching team who either graduated with a Teaching Certificate from prestigious universities worldwide or has a Master in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. The curriculum system is designed in accordance with the standard of Hanban HSK covering a wealth of cross-cultural content to help overseas youth to understand and learn Chinese in depth. It also meets the different learning needs of the students in all aspects.

Currently, HanTok’s registered users spread over more than 50 countries around the world. The teaching service network covers New York, Toronto, London, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.


Empower Future with Chinese
Stimulate Potential with Chineseg

It is our calling to ensure Chinese speak Chinese!

Stay rooted as a Chinese, speak the language and know the culture. It is important to know our history as a Chinese no matter where you live. It is HanTok’s mission to empower our Chinese overseas with Chinese since the establishment. Cultivate children’s comprehensive skill and expressiveness which enable them to understand the greatness of Chinese culture from a wider and deeper perspective. Chinese language and culture inheritance is the greatest gift we can give to our future generation. This is a shared mission between HanTok and Chinese parents abroad.

The rise of China and its increasingly important role in the world economy and cultural exchange makes learning Chinese ever more crucial. And the most effective way to know China is through the learning of Chinese. The ability to speak good Chinese opens up a lot more opportunities for Chinese overseas. Children might not see the significance of Chinese now but as parents, we need to safeguard our children’s best interest and the best gift you can give to your child is the education which must include Chinese. Allowing children to learn the language used by one-fifth of the world’s population will not only help children receive the influence of Chinese culture, establish cultural and emotional links and inherit Chinese culture, but also help them gain an advantage in the future global competition.

Empower Education with Technology

Youth now are a generation that is booming with the Internet. The popularization of online education allows children to learn more efficiently and grow faster. As an online learning organization, HanTok has been committed to technological innovation, empowering education with technology, and providing students with efficient and convenient online learning products and services.

With the help of the Internet, HanTok puts together a team of experienced teachers graduated from Education or trained in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language. Students are able to learn and practice Chinese with computer/tablet/mobile phone anywhere and anytime with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) technology in our program which simulates live interactions between teachers and students.

In 2019, HanTok works with Tencent Labs and adopted the most advanced AI technology to become the only Chinese education product in the industry that combines humans and computers. Intelligent learning systems and tools make learning and practice more pertinent. It is also conducive to the cultivation of children's independent learning ability and the development of good learning habits. This ability to learn is not only useful now but also essential for when they are in the university and in the society.

AI will bring infinite possibilities in the future of education. HanTok is always at the forefront of technology and embrace the future that is now.

A Trusted Choice by Many     A Visible Quality through Growth


Parents’ Choice


Professional Chinese Teachers


Widely Covered Network

4 Distinguished Key Features    
Safeguard Chinese Learning for Chinese Youth Abroad

Feature 1: 45 Minutes Per Class

Thorough teaching and sustainable learning

MAPS Authoritative Teaching Method

A complete learning cycle Input, output and

consolidation, a complete learning cycle enables

effective learning to build strong foundation

Varied Learning Effectiveness through Various Lesson Duration

45 minutes per lesson with ample practice helps to

deepen students understanding. A complete learning

cycle is crucial to retainment of knowledge.

Feature 2: 1v1 Private Coaching

Focused child, happy parents

More “Air Time” More Confidence

Students infuse better into the language learning environment with more “air time” given which maximize the learning outcome.1v1 teaching and learning has significantly more opportunities to interact and use the language as compared to other mode of learning.

Free the parents from trivial affairs of supervision in studies

Teachers are able to tackle all of the learning needs during the

lesson with focused attention on one student which allows the

parents to take a backseat in terms of supervision in their child’s progress.

Feature 3: Stringent Selection in Teaching Force

Matching qualification experienced teachers

Double Guarantees on Professionalism and Experience

3% passing rate in recruitment graduates in Chinese Language and Literature or International Chinese Education70% Master Holders certified in teachingMinimum of 3 Years in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Experienced in Teaching Youth and Kids.

Great Varieties in Teaching Style

Funny and Humorous / Gentle and Patient / Valedictorian from Top University / Passionate and Energetic / Elegant and Classic.Various teaching style and approaches, choose what suits you best, we have it all!

Feature 4: Freedom of Purchase

No Hidden Clause, Buy at Your Will

Mini or Annual Package Choose What You Need

Clear and unambiguous lesson package with no hidden cost.

Choose what suits you the best. Buy at ease. Learn at peace

New Sign-up perk of 10 lessons Mini Package

Trial package for new sign up. Quality over quantity, confident in your trust, renewable at your service.

Comprehensive Service and Guarantee
Learn Chinese with Peace of Mind

Personalized Study Advisor (SA)

Close monitoring of students’ progress

  • Personalized study plan
  • Friendly reminders
  • Resolve learning obstacles
  • Periodical summative review
  • Peace of mind for parents

Free recalling of lesson recordings that makes revision easy for students and gives parents a peace of mind

  • Students can deepen their understanding through the replay of lesson recording and make revision more effective. Parents can monitor students’ lesson performance and learning efficiency through the replay of lesson recording

Bring out the leader in your child and invite friends for free lessons

  • Develop youth’s leadership and cast positive influence on their peers through Chinese learning. HanTok’s unique “learn with a friend” strategy enables youth to learn Chinese together. Be each other’s cheerleader and advance together.

100% Refundable Policy

  • Not satisfied with the lesson, change a teacher and try a new lesson
  • Not happy with the progress or having schedule conflicts, ask for refund within the validity period.