Specialized R&D (research and development) in Course Design Suited for Chinese Youth Abroad

HanTok's R&D team consists of pedagogical experts from Columbia University, Beijing Language and Culture University, National University of Singapore as well as several domestic education experts who has Master in teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language and Ancient Chinese Literature. The team has been deeply involved in the field of Education for 15 years with an average of 6 years of teaching experience internationally. They love children and they understand education better. They are skillful in infusing innovative pedagogical concepts (creativity and innovation; critical thinking and problem-solving skills; communication and collaboration skills) into Chinese learning. Moreover, HanTok employs Big Data Algorithm to study and sieve out overseas youth’s language learning traits. Centered on international Chinese examination standard such as HSK/YCT and CEFR, HanTok creates a systematic Chinese learning syllabus specifically for youth abroad. It not only helps them to prepare for Chinese Language Proficiency Examination but also tackles IGCSE/AP/SAT/IB simultaneously. Our students have the edge in future competition.

Seamlessly Aligned with International School Examination Standard
Allow Students to Have the Freedom of Choice in Future

Aligned with International Chinese Examination Standard

In major entrance tests to prestigious universities such as IB, A-Level, VCE, AP and SAT, English, Mathematics and Second Language are equally weighted. And students who chose Chinese as a Second Language has the fastest increase in number in the past ten years. With HanTok’s unique Chinese learning system, it meets all of the International Chinese Examination criteria, gives Chinese overseas an advantage to all the prestigious universities.

Centered around Chinese Proficiency Test in China

HanTok’s course is centered around HSK, a Chinese Proficiency Test designed for foreigners including Chinese overseas and minorities races in China. HSK L5 is required for foreign students who wish to apply for Chinese prestigious universities such as Tsinghua University and Peking University. HSK is also used in corporates to assess employee’s Chinese standard.

Progressive Learning with Targeted Language Ability at Every Level

Specific levels in each course to better suit students’ learning needs

Main Course + Supplementary Course Scientifically Planned for Better Outcome

Scientific and Comprehensive
A Personalized Study Plan for Every Student

-Main Course-

Kids Foundation Course

Centred around interest building to introduce Chinese. Fundamental understanding from phonic to vocabulary building and strokes to words mastery.

Youth Comprehensive Course 

Standardize according to the Chinese curriculum in international schools. Comprehensive and systematic course warrants overall improvement in both knowledge and skillsets.

HSK Preparation Course

Based on HSK framework which satisfies Chinese Proficiency Test criteria and prepares students who inspire to study in China

-Main Course-

Chinese Character Course

Focus on “Chinese Character Mindset”, tap on kids’ cognitive development in visualization and make learning fun

Chinese Phonic Course

Chinese alphabets, syllables reading, pronunciation techniques and intonation.


Chinese Reading Course

Expand vocabulary, nurture interest in reading and sharpen writing skill and verbalization

Immersive Lesson Environment
– Scientifically proven to be effective and stimulating

1v1 real-time interaction based on scenarios coupled with authoritative teaching pedagogy. With pre-lesson participation, in-lesson interaction and post-lesson consolidation, it allows students to be fully immerged in Chinese learning environment. This in turn cultivates the self-directedness in students through the application of Chinese in various scenarios.

MAPS Authoritative Teaching Method – a complete

learning cycle

Input, output and consolidation, a complete learning cycle that turns lesson into an enjoyable interaction between student and teacher. 45 minutes per lesson gives enough room for detailed explanation and practice which helps to deepen students learning.

A Good Flow in Lesson is the Key

to Effective Learning

In order to cultivate good learning habits, our lesson design includes multiple elements such as pre-lesson participation that activates students’ prior knowledge; in-lesson interaction encourages students practice what they learn immediately; and post-lesson consolidation closes any gaps remains.

Visible Learning Progress

Complete Learning Cycle, Clear Learning Path and Visible Learning Outcome

Dramatized Lesson with ManyCam
Grasp Students’ Attention Sustain Students’ Interest

Teachers make use of props, music, role plays and stories to make learning fun and lively. Boring content comes alive for students with ManyCam’s many interesting filters. This enables students to stay focused and stimulated with the lesson. HanTok advocates joy of learning and lifelong learning.

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