Multiple Selection Process for the Best Teachers


HanTok believes in employing only the best native teachers who major in Chinese and Literature or International Chinese Education. Only the top 3% of the applicants are selected through stringent procedure of education backgrounds and qualifications verification. All teachers undergo multifarious trainings and trial teaching assessment before they are certified to be our official teachers. Our teachers not only help the students to build solid foundation in Chinese but also influence them to become confident and fluent in Chinese expression with their professionalism as educators.

Strict Management and Appraisal System for the Optimum Learning Outcomes of Our Students

-Stringent Selection-

Matching Qualification 

Major in Chinese Language and Literature

High Qualification 

Graduated from both Domestic and Overseas Top Universities and 70% Master Holders

Education Trained 

Certified in International Chinese Education and Second Class (Upper) in Putonghua Proficiency Examination

Experienced Teachers

Minimum of 3 Years in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language and Experienced in Teaching Youth and Kids.

-Constant Upgrading-

Lesson Standardization and Teachers’ Training

Trained in Child Psychology

Regular Teachers’ Meet and Sharing by Master Teachers

-Elimination System-

Freedom of Choice and Student Oriented

Bookmark Your Favorite Teacher for Future Booking

Review, Grade and Eliminate

Immersive Teaching Environment / Authoritative Teaching Philosophy

100% Outstanding Teaching Force with Various Teaching Styles

Fun and Humorous / Gentle and Patient / Valedictorian from Top University / Passionate and Energetic / Elegant and Classic

Choose what suits you the best, we have it all!

Ms Cao

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She is good at motivating students with lively classroom teaching style. Her specialty is in teaching Chinese characters.

Mr Feng

Graduated from Beijing Language and Culture University, the most prestigious institution specializing in Chinese as a foreign language. With more than 10 years of teaching experience, he excels in creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere in the classroom.

Ms Hou

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 3 years of teaching experience including overseas teaching stint. She is well loved by the students with lively classroom atmosphere. Her deep understanding of children's learning psychology and developmental characteristics enable her to teach effectively.

Ms Luo

Master of Chinese Language Education from Beijing Language University with more than 5 years of teaching experience. She once taught intermediate and advanced Chinese in Harvard. She excels in scenario-based teaching which arouses students’ interests in learning Chinese.

Ms Zhang

Attained a Master from National University of Singapore. With 10 years of experience in teaching and curriculum development, she once worked in the Ministry of Education overseas and has been deeply involved in the field of Chinese education for overseas Chinese for many years.

Ms Zhu

Master of Chinese Language Education with more than 5 years of Online and Offline teaching experience. She is patient and meticulous who used to teach Chinese in University.

Comprehensive Service and Guarantee;Learn Chinese with Peace of Mind

Personalized Study Advisor (SA) ,Close monitoring of students’ progress

  • Personalized study plan,Friendly reminders,Resolve learning obstacles,Periodical summative review,Peace of mind for parents

Free recalling of lesson recordings that makes revision easy for students and gives parents a peace of mind

  • Students can deepen their understanding through the replay of lesson recording and make revision more effective. Parents can monitor students’ lesson performance and learning efficiency through the replay of lesson recording

Book your free trial lesson to get the following bonus!ese with Peace of Mind

1 period of private lesson with our master teacher

1 time of Chinese ability testing and evaluation report

1 personalized Chinese learning proposal